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Why join RosaryMen?

Evermore today, we Catholic men are struggling to authentically bring our faith to the workplace. Through the bonds of community and faith, we come together at work to pray The Rosary once a week, live. This simple but powerful prayer can help provide clarity to grow closer to Him through His Holy Mother.

We are
commited to:

Praying together at work, every
wednesday 2pm EST.

Strengthening Catholic men in and
out of the workplace.

Supporting crisis pregnancy
centers in need.

Time to step up men!

Each Wednesday 2pm EST LIVE

RosaryMen come together digitally to pray The Rosary Start Now

Father Donald Calloway
When men come together and pray the Rosary, it's like a thunderous battle cry.
Father Donald Calloway
Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

Simple Habit. Big Impact

now is the time to BUILD

Build yourself. Build The Kingdom of God at work. Build your community.

Build Yourself

Build The Kingdom of God at work.

Build your community

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Your monthly financial commitment helps to transform you, your workplace, and support pregnancy centers in your community.

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