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Catholic Faith... at work?

RosaryMen strengthens Catholic men by praying The Rosary at work.

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Why The Rosary at work?

Evermore today, we Catholic men are struggling to authentically bring our faith to the workplace. Through the bonds of community and faith, we come together at work to pray The Rosary once a week, live. This simple but powerful prayer can help provide clarity to grow closer to Him through His Holy Mother.

Join us as you reignite your faith at work so that you can be a witness to Christ in the place you spend the most time.

Alone in your faith at work?

As the Faith comes under increasing attack and our culture grows more secular, we know how difficult it is to stand up and be authentic in our Faith. This is especially true in the workplace, where we are expected to leave our Faith at the door.

As part of the RosaryMen community, you not only grow in your Catholic faith and relationship to Jesus, but you grow in fellowship with other men experiencing similar challenges. Gather together with us to pray and discuss the challenges we face in our lives at work.

Father Donald Calloway
“When men come together and pray the Rosary, it’s like a thunderous battle cry.”
Father Donald Calloway
Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

Once a week, LIVE, Wednesday 2PM ET.

Pray with other men across North America as we journey through the four mysteries while we work.

Join Us Now

In addition to saying The Rosary once a week with other Catholic men at work, you can attend regular events and speakers, digitally, on topics and issues that we struggle with as Catholic men at work. We are also working to provide a growing library of content that helps you thrive in your faith at work.

JOIN US below by selecting your committment level. Why do we request a small financial commitment?

  1. We seek men who are truly committed to praying the Rosary with us and this small financial contribution is a strong acknowledgement of this commitment.
  2. Your financial commitment helps us grow the ministry and serve more men in a variety of work settings.
  3. As faithful men, we are called to serve and support our wives, children, and those in need. 27% of your financial commitment helps mother's choose life through the dedicated support of Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

However, for the first two months, we invite you to experience RosaryMen without making a financial committement.

Your monthly commitment starts at:

Disciple Level
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of the revenue dedicated to financially supporting Crisis Pregnancy Centers through out North America.