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About Us

RosaryMen was founded in 2019 in as a response to our ever growing secular culture especially the culture in our workplaces. Far too often we check our faith at the door when we go to work. Instead, shouldn’t we in fact embrace our faith in the world and especially at work where we spend most of our time (even more time than with our families)!

We want to change that! We are building a community of catholic men to not only grow in your Catholic faith and relationship to Jesus, but also grow in fellowship with other men experiencing similar work struggles. Each Wednesday RosaryMen come together digitally to pray The Rosary and ask our Lord Jesus, through Mary’s intercession, to grant us the strength to overcome our work trials and the wisdom to do His will in all parts of our lives.

Our culture has grown more secular, it can be difficult to be authentic in our Faith. This is especially true for men in the workplace, where we are expected to leave our Faith at the door while we endure the tribulations of work life…alone. Not any more!

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